Monthly Archive: December 2010

Dec 26

Botanical Gardens

Today we decided to visit the Botanical Gardens in Tucson. They also had a (tropical) butterfly exhibit which sounded interesting. The butterflies had to be housed in a greenhouse, kept at 85% humidity and 90 degrees F. Teagan really like them and one attempted to eat Teagan, because her shirt looked like …

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Dec 25

Vaughn Holidays

Our first Christmas was fun. We opened presents, Teagan got some college fund money (thanks G-ma’s on both sides), some toys, a few books, and clothes, Thanks everyone!
Erin got a massage, some music on a USB drive (no more purchasing CDs in this house!), and a lump of coal.
Israel got some much needed clothes …

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Dec 23

Teagan Can Stand

We are posting a lot right now because after the Holidays it will be back to the crazy busy life, and this blog will probably be updated infrequently.
This week Teagan has started to stand quite a lot.  She enjoys it as you can see in the video below :

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