Monthly Archive: December 2010

Dec 23

Testing Stinky Breastmilk for Lipase Breakdown … Biochemist style
I went back to work last week.  I had a great time doing science after three months of 24/7 mommydom.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mommy.  I simply also loooove science.  Anyway, Izzy was charged with giving Teagan (our little boob monster) bottles of my breast milk while I was at work.  …

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Dec 19

River of Lights at the Zoo

Tonight we decided to take Teagan to the River of Lights at the Zoo.
The line was very long, twisting around the parking lot adjacent to the entrance.  We decided to wait 10 minutes to see how fast it moved once they opened the gates at 6pm.  It moved quite quickly, so we we went in.
Teagan …

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Dec 10

Teagan Drank a Bottle!

We have been trying to a month to feed Teagan with at bottle (using breast milk of course).  She doesn’t really like it, at first, she just screamed at it.  Why is this thing in my mouth!  Where is the boob?!
Then she figured out that that good stuff came out, somehow…so she chewed the nipple …

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