Monthly Archive: February 2011

Feb 20

Reid Park

Today it was cold and dreary, but we decided to take a walk around Reid park.  It was fun! Pics below.

Also here are some videos of Teagan!

Feb 15

Fucking Republicans and Democrats

Remember when the Republicans opposed passing the budget without those oh so important tax cuts for the wealthy?
Well now they are cutting police, fire, Pell Grants, public radio, etc., but hey, at least the wealthy got their fucking tax cuts right?!
And the fucking Democrats, what a bunch of pussies!  Fucking stand up bitches!  The house …

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Feb 13

Teagan ate Solids!

UPDATE : Video of Teagan eating added below.

We started Teagan on solids today! The little stinker simply refuses to take a bottle. Seriously, we’ve tried everything. She makes up for the missed nursing sessions when she’s with Erin before and after school but she’s not the happiest baby for about an hour or so …

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