Feb 04

A Day in the Life of Teagan Tesla Vaughn

A Day in the Life of Teagan Tesla Vaughn
by T. Tesla

My Mom started taking photos of me when she put me in my co-sleeper at my usual bedtime of 7:30pm.  Here I am all burrito-ed up in my swaddler.


I stirred at midnight.  So, Mom unburrito-ed me and pulled me into bed with her and Dad.  I nursed a bunch of times while Mom slept.  At some point, Dad changed my diaper.  Thanks, Dad!


At 7:00am, I decided it was time for everyone to wake up.  I think my parents would sleep all day if it were up to them.  Thank goodness it isn’t.



Dad gave me sleepy kisses and then took me to change my diaper.  He let me air out on the change table for a bit and then put on my robot diaper cover.  Dad really likes my robot diaper cover.





Mom plunked me in my Bumbo while she made breakfast.  I watched my furry siblings and chewed intensely on my toy.


Here I am playing my new favorite game.  I like to call it Fetch Mommy!


I pooped a big one while I was in my Bumbo and it shot out the back of my diaper like a volcano.  This only happens when I’m in my Bumbo.  Needless to say, Mom had to go change me.  She mumbled a lot about not getting her coffee yet.


Mom said it was time for some nakie time.  Really I think she was just too lazy to put my diaper on.  I rolled around on the floor while Mom and Dad had coffee and oatmeal.



Time for some boob!


Next it was potty time.  I love sitting on my potty!


Aw, Mom!  Seriously you have to show off my pee?!


Mom let me chew on her finger while I sat on my potty.  I’ve got a few more teeth coming in.  Mom and Dad can’t believe I already have two!


Look at me sitting slumpy style on my change table!  I think I’m way older than I really am.


It’s 9:30 and Mom thinks I ought to have a nap.  However, I’m teething so I decide to make things interesting.  First she tries the swing.


I conk out long enough to let Mom think about tackling the dishes.


But then I started crying so Mom decided another diaper change was in order.


Back in the swing I go.  Mom washes the bottles I still refuse to drink from.  Just because I refuse to take a bottle doesn’t mean Mom doesn’t have to still pump!  Haha!  This time I stay asleep long enough to let Mom finish washing the dishes.



More boob at 10am!  Mom checks PG.org while I nurse.  Since I nurse A LOT, this explains how Mom has so much time to post on PG.org.




Now I’m good and passed out so Mom leaves me on the couch under Daddy’s (and the cat’s) supervision.



Mom went out to survey the damage last night’s hard freeze did on our cactus.


Mom also sorted all my cloth diapers.  My Mom is so weird.  She actually likes sorting my diapers.


We’re headed out to the Farmer’s Market.  So, Mom cutes me up.  I’m going to have to get used to the fact that my Mom doesn’t dress me in traditional girly clothes.


While Mom packed my diaper bag, I got to chewing.


Mom tends to pack my diaper bag like we’re leaving for a week.


As usual, I was not happy in the car seat.   So, I shot Mom the evil eye.


Mom and Dad stopped off at the bank and I demanded another diaper change.


When we arrived at the Farmer’s Market at 11am, Mom popped me into the Mai Tai.  I so love the Mai Tai.


After fighting our way through a flock of handsy old ladies, Mom bought me my very own butternut squash.  It was baby-sized.  Mom and Dad have decided to start me on people food this weekend!


Mom and I dropped Dad off at school at noon.  Go Wildcats!


Next we met up with my Mom’s friend Tara for lunch at Bisonwiches.  Tara is also my babysitter.  By the time we arrived at restaurant, I had fallen asleep (hehehehe).


With my help, Mom picked out the broccoli cheddar bread bowl.  She said it was just OK.  Mom is a picky foodie.   I got some more boob, which always tastes good.  Mom couldn’t handle taking a pic of that because I was trying to show her boob off to the table next to us.  So, you get to use your imagination.


After lunch I played with Tara’s daughter, Ada.  Ada is loads of fun!


We made a stop at the Little Bird Nesting Company, a local baby boutique.  Mom was so busy oogling diaper covers that she forgot to take pics.  Don’t worry, she made me model what she bought later.  Here’s another pic of a diaper change though!


When we got home at 3:30pm, it was potty time again.


More playtime on the floor. Wanna see me roll over?!  Here we go!  Yay!




Mom also took some video of me playing on the floor!

Boob time.


I’m flying!


I’ve got you pinned, Mom!  Pinned with my cuteness!


It’s 4:30pm and time to take the puppies for a walk.  They were excited.


Mom put me in the Moby so I could face out while we walked.  I’m so cool in my shades.   Ignore the goofy look on Mom’s face.  She was eating a Clif Bar.  Mom only has two hands, both of which were occupied, so we didn’t get any pics of our walk.  We discovered that much of the cactus in the neighborhood met the same fate as ours.  It was like the cact-pocalypse!


Mom gave me a spoon to practice chewing on while she decided what to make for dinner.


We decided to make polenta.  I helped!  Don’t worry, Mom put me down before she turned the burner on.


While the polenta simmered, Mom read me a book.  I love books!


My cousin sent us a link to a drum-line competition video.  I totally dug it!  My enthusiasm supplied yet another line of evidence that I will become an artist just to confuse my scientist parents.



Modeling my new wool diaper cover.  I didn’t actually need more covers but Mom said that the purchase was justified because it was relatively cheap for wool, it was made locally, and it’s a gender-neutral color so my future sibling of unknown gender can wear it.  I think she’s really just addicted to fluff.



More boob.  I popped off to say hi with milk on my face.  Aldo gladly licked it off.




One last chance for potty!


Then it was time to put on my nighttime diaper.  Mom double stuffs my diaper and puts in a stay dry liner.  She thinks this keeps me asleep longer.  I think it just makes my butt look big.



In preparation for sleepy time, Mom wrapped me up like a burrito.


One last nursey-nursey time before bed.


I babbled at mommy for a few minutes before passing out.

It’s 7:15pm annnd, I’m out.


Thanks for sharing my day with me!!!


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  1. Great Grandma Joan

    I loved every minute of it!!!! How did you that? This child will know how much she is loved. Beautiful “story”.
    I loved listening to her talking and watching those eyes go sleepy-going, going, going gone.
    Thanks for sending a day in the life of Teagan Tesla.

  2. doloresdoyle

    thank you,thank you,loved every minute of it.lol

  3. Halle

    This was amazing. We can’t be there right now, so this is the next best thing. What a darling girl and what a cool mom you are. How is the solid food coming along? She sure looks healthy!! I’m rooting for the artist part of her!! Love all 3 of you guys bunches and bunches.

  4. Grandma Liz

    Wow Erin! That was so creative and beautiful! What a great idea. It seems that you have some artist in that scientist brain of yours. I loved seeing the little monkey as she went through her day in her bumbo, on the potty, burritoed up and going sleepy sleep while blowing raspberries. So precious.

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