Mar 29

Casa Molina Review

My father was in town this weekend and since I have been very busy lately I used his visit as an excuse to actually go out and get a bite for dinner.  This will be a quick and dirty review with no pictures.  I haven’t had Mexican for awhile so we decided to hit up Casa Molina on Speedway and Wilmot.

The Poblano has a much different flavor, milder and sweeter.

We both had the iced tea to drink.  It was tasty.  I ordered the rellano.  Now, I am from New Mexico, and the rellanos there are different from the ones here in Tucson.  In NM, we have really hot chiles, usually stuffed with cheese (mostly yellow or white cheddar), battered and fried.  Here in Tucson the rellano is a Poblano pepper prepared in the same way, stuffed with cheese (a milder than cheddar white cheese), battered and fried.  The Poblano has a much different flavor, milder and sweeter.  They also included a topping sauce of stewed tomatoes.  Overall it was very tasty, and I would recommend the rellano.  My dinner also came with a side of beans, which were excellent.  The waitress claimed that the beans contain no lard, but that is a difficult fact to verify (Three times in a row at Poco and Mom’s we were told that the beans were vegetarian and the fourth time someone finally fessed up that the beans contained lard).

My dad ordered the Enchiladas de la casa.  These are rolled soft corn tortillas with sauteed chicken, diced onions, and green chiles smothered in a sour cream sauce, smothered in cheese.  Very, very tasty, but definitely not a healthy meal.

We also ordered the Sopapillas for dessert.  This was the only disappointing aspect of the meal, the Sopapillas were obviously made from a “boxed” mix, not from scratch.  I won’t be ordering them again at Molinas.

The Verve Recommends:

  • Rellano
  • Enchiladas de la casa
  • Huevos Rancheros Burro

The Verve Rating :[starreview tpl=16]

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