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Mar 29

Casa Molina Review

My father was in town this weekend and since I have been very busy lately I used his visit as an excuse to actually go out and get a bite for dinner.  This will be a quick and dirty review with no pictures.  I haven’t had Mexican for awhile so we decided to hit up …

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Feb 20

Tucson Eclairs

Most places that I have tried eclairs at (which are many because I love desserts) in Tucson make them with whipped cream or a whipped cream blend.  This is not an eclair!  An eclair should have a rich, firm, baked custard that is not overly sweet!  Viro’s makes the “Tucson eclairs.”  The bread store next …

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Jan 31

Viro’s Review

Tonight we went to Viro’s, which is close to our house. We had been there few times for desserts and pizza, and once before for dinner. Viro’s is an Italian deli with bread, pasta, take out, desserts, and gelato. We have been impressed by the quality and taste of the food that …

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