Jan 25

Golf Links Bike Path Blocked

I (usually) ride to the University of Arizona everyday from Pantano Rd. and Golf Links.  The ride is about 10 miles.  My wife, Erin, drove the car in today and I rode in at a little before noon.  After about 5 miles in (near Golf Links and Swan), I saw this :

Last Friday and over the weekend we had a lot of rain, and heavy winds with up to 75 MPH gusts. I suppose that this is the result of one of those gusts!

Anyway, the sand looked easy to traverse, so I started biking around the tree.  The sand was wet and firm, so I foolishly pulled out my water bottle, but on the other side of the tree the path had a curb like junction to the sand.  I was clipped in, and did not have time to clip out, chuck my bottle, or pick up speed to hit the junction.  I changed the angle as best as I could with one hand, but the junction of doom prevailed!  I ended up bashing my knee on the asphalt, not terrible, but it still hurts.

Falling where I did is actually quite funny as I consider myself a decent MTBer, and have ridden some gnarly stuff without crashing.  I always seem to hurt myself the most when I’m not paying attention.

Anyway, be careful around that tree if you ride the Golf Links bike path!

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