Jan 25

Sauce Review

UPDATE : We went to eat here again and had the arugula pizza again along with the Mac and Cheese. I must say, for this price I was very, very disappointed in the Mac and Cheese. It tasted like it came out of a box. I am revising my review based on this dish, the pizza was still delicious however.

Erin picked a new restaurant to try tonight, Sauce on Speedway and Glenn.  Now this is a FOX concepts restaurant (NoRTH, Wildflower, Zinburger, etc.) and a few months after we moved here my Grandmother was in town and took us to NoRTH one night and Wildflower the next.  Both were very good, and I would recommend them.  We are not, however, foodies.

Erin has some foodie friends in her lab, and they are generally not too fond of the FOX restaurants because they are “trendy” and “unoriginal” so be aware, this is NOT a foodie review.

Before I dive into the review, I want to talk a little bit about one of our favorite restaurants in Albuquerque, Il Vicino.  This is probably the best “wood oven” pizza and sandwich place that I have eaten at, and I have eaten at a lot of them.  Il Vicino is vegetarian friendly and has a variety of dishes.  Their sandwiches are very good.  They call the sandwiches paninis but they really are not proper paninis.  That is ok though, because they are a mouth fiesta.  The portions are reasonably sized and the prices are sensible.

Arugula has a strong flavor, and the truffled mushrooms tasted just right along with the Parmesan.

When we walked into Sauce it reminded me of a more corporate version of Il Vicinio.  The concept is similar to Pei Wei, you order at the counter and they bring you your food, but Sauce is not full service.  We ordered the Truffled Mushroom and Truffled pizza, a trendy item according to the “foodies”, and the Cucumber, Tomato, Feta, Olives & Red Onion salad to split.  Erin ordered a glass of the Mirassou Pinot Noir, and I had the Sierra Nevada IPA.

Erin is the wine snob and she said that the wine list is small, but decent.  The beer selection, on the other hand, is abysmal.  So if you are looking for good beers, this is not the place. At least they have the Sierra Nevada.

We found a table and sat down.  It was comfortable and had an upbeat atmosphere.  I was explaining the quantum measurement problem to Erin (don’t ask), so in no time our food arrived.  Erin started on the salad first and I dug into the pizza.  Now even though it is trendy, that pizza was excellent!  Arugula has a strong flavor, and the truffled mushrooms tasted just right along with the Parmesan.  It was freakin’ tasty! I switched with Erin and started on the salad.  It was good, but nothing special.

We finished up and left.  I didn’t quite feel full, however, so although I certainly will be patronizing this place again, next time I think we’ll each order a full entrée. This place is fast, without being “fast food.”  The prices are a little high for the amount of food, but that won’t prevent me from going back.

The Verve Recommends:

  • The Truffled Mushroom and Arugula Pizza
  • The Pinot

The Verve Rating :[starreview tpl=16]

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