Feb 13

Teagan ate Solids!

UPDATE : Video of Teagan eating added below.
Video not found!


We started Teagan on solids today! The little stinker simply refuses to take a bottle. Seriously, we’ve tried everything. She makes up for the missed nursing sessions when she’s with Erin before and after school but she’s not the happiest baby for about an hour or so before she nurses at lunchtime. Current research suggests that it’s best to wait until 6 months before introducing solids to decrease the risk of food allergies. However, we decided as a family that it’s better to keep her happy. Besides, Teagan is the size of 6 month old, she’s about 1.5 months ahead of most babies her age developmentally, and food allergies aren’t a big problem in either of our families. Our pediatrician gave us the go ahead so ahead we went.

Eating organic, locally grown produce is important to us for many reasons. Teagan’s first big girl meal would be no different. On Friday, we headed to the farmer’s market to pick out her first veggies. img_8559She chose a baby-sized butternut squash (you can see it in the photo above). Last night, Erin baked, pealed, and pureed Teagan’s little butternut squash. This morning, we thinned it with a bit of expressed breast milk and let Teagan have at it. Most of it wound up on her face (and elsewhere) but she had fun! If anything, the squash served as a sneaky way to get some expressed milk into her!

Here are a few pics of Teagan eating the squash. For a complete set click here.


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