Dec 10

Teagan Drank a Bottle!

We have been trying to a month to feed Teagan with at bottle (using breast milk of course).  She doesn’t really like it, at first, she just screamed at it.  Why is this thing in my mouth!  Where is the boob?!

Then she figured out that that good stuff came out, somehow…so she chewed the nipple to get the milk out.  For weeks.  She didn’t like the long nipples, they made her gag.  Short nipples are not easy to find, we found shorter nipples to try, but she still didn’t consistently suck on them.

So today and yesterday, we both (us parents and Teagan) came to an understanding about the bottle.  We discovered that if we hold the bottle a certain way (tilted toward her chin), she actually tries to suck on it!  She discovered that if she sucks on it, the tasty milk comes out FASTER!


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    Wow that is cool!

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