Feb 20

Tucson Eclairs

Most places that I have tried eclairs at (which are many because I love desserts) in Tucson make them with whipped cream or a whipped cream blend.  This is not an eclair!  An eclair should have a rich, firm, baked custard that is not overly sweet!  Viro’s makes the “Tucson eclairs.”  The bread store next to Sunflower market makes “Tucson eclairs.”  Coffee Art has “Tucson eclairs.”  If anyone knows where to get a good eclair (the custard kind) please let me know!  I love the custard eclairs, and have never lived somewhere with such a dearth of good custard.



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  1. Michael McKisson

    I just called La Baguette bakery, which is attached to Ghini’s French Caffee and they said they have them with a vanilla custard.

    Both Ghini’s and La Baguette are amazing. I love Ghini’s for their breakfast and the bakery for anything an everything.


  2. israel

    Thanks Michael, I’ll have to check Ghini’s out over spring break and write up a review on it.

    School is very demanding so my blog has been neglected lately.

  1. Viro’s Review - Tucson Verve

    […] Ok, back to the food!  Erin ordered the manicotti.  I ordered the ricotta spinach shells.  Both are baked dishes.  The portion sizes were just right, both Erin and I finished our portions without being overly full.  The ricotta had that hint of sweetness that went so well with the spinach and marinara.  It was excellent.  The manicotti was also to die for.  The fresh marinara was covered in a layer of melted mozzarella. Both dishes are Classic NY/NJ style Italian cuisine (Erin is from northern NJ, so this statement comes from authority).  For dessert we split a chocolate canoli with a scoop of rum coccrotti gelato.  The gelato was good, but the canoli, oh the canoli!  I think Viro’s has some of the best canolis that I have had, including the ones I had in NYC.  Viro’s has excellent desserts, except they make what I have come to name “Tucson eclairs.” […]

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